Don Juan Comes Home From Iraq

A Marine returns home from war and discovers that his lover is missing. Searching for her, he embarks on a surrealistic tour through the streets and history of Philadelphia. By corrupting linear time and blending scenes between settings, Don Juan Comes Home from Iraq not only challenges perceptions of reality, but also perceptions of individual morality and of war itself. Paula Vogel based her searing new drama on Odon von Horvath's 1936 play Don Juan Comes Back from the War, and developed it through extensive collaboration with the director and actors of the original production, as well as years of conversation and writing workshops with recent military veterans.

"What theater should be. Theater meeting life in a head-on collision. Theater grabbing us by the shirt and smacking us into walls. . . . Don Juan Comes Home from Iraq may become the definitive portrayal of America's twenty-first -century war experience."—Philadelphia City Paper

"Don Juan Comes Home from Iraq is a powerful anti-war play. It is also powerfully theatrical and emotionally and intellectually challenging. In other words, it's terrific."—Philadelphia Inquirer