PRESIDENT'S DAY: Monday, February 19, 2018

 Artwork by Simon Winheld

Artwork by Simon Winheld

  1. A bake-off is a quickly written exercise on an assigned theme with assigned elements or ingredients (see below!) that folks do within a 48 hour period of time.
  2. Ubu Roi is “an inglorious slop-pail of a play” by Alfred Jarry, which opened (and closed) on December 10, 1896. Get a copy of the play here.
  3. Paula has started a national grassroots movement to respond to our global crisis with a bake-off inspired by this play on Presidents Day 2018 (February 19). People will be writing plays and coming together to share them all over the country.
  4. Paula encourages everyone, not just playwrights, to write a play. This is a great opportunity for community members to participate.




Your plays must include all of the following:

  • Pa Ubu 45 (supposedly 6'3", a trim 239 lbs, in "excellent health". And yes, the hair is his and real.)
  • Ma Ubu: strangely catatonic when in Pa Ubu's company.
  • Angry Ambassadors from every country that Pa Ubu has insulted.
  • A strange use of the English language. That is, it sounds like it is supposed to be English. i.e. words for Sh#t are prolonged like pshitte (in French Merdre!! see *covefe below)
  • *Covefe
  • A groveling, conniving, servile counselor who believes in conversion therapy for queers and trans & does not spend time in the company of women except his wife.
  • A double-triple-quadruple-octahedral cheesburger with special sauce. Freedom Fries on the side.
  • A usurpation.

Extra credit is:

  • Enter a bear.
  • Posters protesting Pa Ubu 45.
  • Posters protesting protesters of Pa Ubu 45.
  • "An unmentionable mop" i.e. a pshit-stick.

Note: read UBU and MacBeth and anything else on Alfred Jarry, resources can be found on the button below. But do not write your bake-off until Saturday, February 17 at 7pm. 48 hours only! And five pages or less.

There are multiple ways to host a Bake-Off near you and/or participate:

1.    Offer space.  Ask folks within your organization to help organize the bake-off.

2.    Join as writers (everyone is), or join as actors, directors, childcare volunteers, make a Facebook page for the event. Pass this on far and wide on Facebook and Twitter @VogelPaula.

3.    Offer coffee if you host or attend.  Offer water.  Offer paper and pen.  Offer pizza.  Cookies.  Carbs.

4.    Offer publicity.

5.  Organize a reading of UBU for your community before President's Day so that people can hear the play. Download the play here.

6.    And some of you might be able to organize a writer’s army event: i.e. A retreat in a large space where folks might write in silence for an eight hour period on Sunday before President’s Day.

7. All events should be free. Offer applause!  No bake-off is given criticism. The organizer just decides the order and it's cast on the spot with people in the room.

8. This is an ideal event for younger artists in organizations, educational outreach, etc. I would love the critical community to join us too.

9. Post articles, dramaturgs! Cartoons!  Pataphysics. Supplemental Materials on Ubu Roi are below. Want to add to the list? Email me at It is better than stewing at home. The motto is Fight Sh#*^ with Merdre.


Love, Paula