National UBU ROI Bake-Off

Paula started a national grassroots movement to respond to our global crisis with a bake-off inspired by Ubu Roi,an inglorious slop-pail of a play” by Alfred Jarry, which opened (and closed) on December 10, 1896. People wrote plays and came together to share them all over the country on President's Day, February 19, 2018. It was better than stewing at home. The motto is Fight Sh#*^ with Merdre.

"Paula Vogel's National Ubu Roi Bake-Off Blends Playwriting With Activism" -
"Paula Vogel Hosts One of a Kind Playwriting Workshop" -
"Paula Vogel’s Presidents’ Day Challenge To Writers: Set Cuckoo ‘Ubu’ In The White House" -

Artwork by Simon Winheld

Artwork by Simon Winheld


Plays included the following:

  • Pa Ubu 45 (supposedly 6'3", a trim 239 lbs, in "excellent health". And yes, the hair is his and real.)
  • Ma Ubu: strangely catatonic when in Pa Ubu's company.
  • Angry Ambassadors from every country that Pa Ubu has insulted.
  • A strange use of the English language. That is, it sounds like it is supposed to be English. i.e. words for Sh#t are prolonged like pshitte (in French Merdre!! see *covefe below)
  • *Covefe
  • A groveling, conniving, servile counselor who believes in conversion therapy for queers and trans & does not spend time in the company of women except his wife.
  • A double-triple-quadruple-octahedral cheesburger with special sauce. Freedom Fries on the side.
  • A usurpation.

Extra credit:

  • Enter a bear.
  • Posters protesting Pa Ubu 45.
  • Posters protesting protesters of Pa Ubu 45.
  • "An unmentionable mop" i.e. a pshit-stick.

Note: read UBU and MacBeth and anything else on Alfred Jarry, resources can be found on the button below. Writers were only given 48 hours to write their plays of five pages or less.